SkookumScript and the Death of Tick

SkookumScript super-user Zach Burke (AKA error454)’s upcoming SkookumScript game is so cool, we recently gave him a demo station in the SkookumScript SkookumBooth at the 2017 Game Developers Conference to show it off. And show it off he did, impressing the industry’s movers and shakers with SkookumScript’s scripting superpowers.

A moment of blessed destruction from Zach Burke’s upcoming (and provocatively untitled) SkookumScript game.

Zach isn’t done evangelizing SkookumScript as the world’s greatest scripting solution, because he has just posted a ripping good article to Gamasutra explaining a key SkookumScript advantage: SkookumScript users don’t have to mangle their logic to fit into the classic Tick() architecture that has vexed game developers for decades.

SkookumScript is an awesome programming language – it’s easy to code in, it’s got concurrency features built in, it’s timesliced not multithreaded so you don’t worry about mutexes and locking, it can call your C++, it can call blueprints, blueprints can call it, it’s fast….

Zach Burke Gamasutra

Check out Zach’s article “The Death of Tick: UE4 & The Future of Programming” on Gamasutra. And if you haven’t done so already, give the SkookumDemo a spin, or download the latest and greatest SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin on the Unreal Marketplace. Enjoy!