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Demand Script Loading (no longer available)
Professional Support (community only)
Premium Support (community only)

With SkookumScript, you never pay to ship your game. Because we are the nicest mad scientists ever.

Binding SkookumScript to other game engines
SkookumScript can be easily hooked up to the engine of your choice using C++. SkookumScript functionality can be available after an hour or two of initial setup. The SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin comes with all the libraries and C++ code needed to get you up and running. If you would like SkookumScript experts to help you get up and running, no problem! Just purchase some Support Packages and we will fix you up.


  • SkookumIDE Standard has everything you need to author scripts, including the ability to make live changes and a power console for running script snippets
  • SkookumIDE Professional has all Standard features plus sophisticated debugging, profiling and team features

The SkookumIDE Standard and SkookumIDE Professional can be used interchangeably on the same project. This ensures that everyone on the team can use SkookumScript, and it allows an easy upgrade path.

SkookumIDE Standard

The SkookumIDE Standard is free and comes with all the authoring and editing capabilities you will need to create a fully-polished game title from start to ship. It is also perfect for test-driving SkookumScript before committing to purchasing the Professional version.

The SkookumIDE Standard and Professional are currently available for Microsoft Windows only. We plan to make them available for Apple Macintosh and Linux – in the meantime, MS Windows emulation software can be used to run the IDE on these platforms. As a transitional step, we will create native command-line SkookumScript compilers for each of these platforms.

SkookumIDE Standard features
- live commands with Workbenches (REPL)
- modify and recompile subroutines and classes while game is running
- class and member browser
- editor with SkookumScript context-aware syntax highlighting
- symbolic look-up (similar to Visual Assist)
- compiled script disassembly: see the scripts as the parser really sees them
- command line arguments: run script commands live on a running game from your favorite editor
- memory analysis for scripts and run-time usage
- optional Perforce version control integration
- other nifty features we think everyone on the team should have

SkookumIDE Professional

The SkookumScript Professional IDE is for the scripter, mission designer, or engineer who needs more advanced debugging facilities and team features. The SkookumScript Professional IDE significantly improves workflow and overall team happiness – especially for team members who use it as a primary development tool.

SkookumIDE Professional features
- all SkookumIDE Standard features
- setting of breakpoints, halting and continuing execution
- full visual remote debugger with locals, callstack and breakpoint window
- stepwise concurrent debugging (next, into, over, out, etc.)
- callstack view
- local variables view
- more features on the way

Get the SkookumIDE Pro now!

SkookumScript Runtime

The main difference between Binary Runtime and Compilable Runtime is that only the Compilable version runs on most consoles, and includes full source code. Both versions of the Runtime communicate remotely with both versions of the SkookumIDE.

SkookumScript Binary Runtime

Binary Runtime is optimized for speed, memory footprint and workflow for professional game performance, and integrates deeply into the game engine. It is just what you need for desktop and mobile projects of small to mid-size – perfect for indie developers. SkookumScript Binary Runtime communicates remotely with both the SkookumIDE Standard and Professional.

  SkookumScript Binary Runtime
Platforms Desktop: Windows, Mac (Linux coming soon)
Mobile: iOS, Android
Console: tvOS
Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, SteamVR (HTC Vive), PlayStation VR
Source - full AgogCore building-block C++ library
- all the C++ headers for the SkookumScript library with pre-built libraries for each platform (in Debug, Developer and Release builds)
- All files available in a public GitHub repository for you to view, modify locally, and submit changes back
- API headers and library binaries Apache 2.0 licensed

SkookumScript Compilable Runtime

SkookumScript Compilable Runtime is used for console development and other large-scale projects such as open-world and massively multiplayer games. Full source is provided for security and peace of mind.

  SkookumScript Compilable Runtime
Platforms Desktop: Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile: iOS, Android
Console: Xbox One/360, PlayStation 4/3, tvOS
Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, SteamVR (HTC Vive), PlayStation VR
Custom: any platform that compiles C++
Source - full SkookumScript library C++ source or pre-built libraries in private Perforce or GitHub repository
- full AgogCore building-block C++ library
- All files available in a public GitHub repository for you to view, modify locally, and submit changes back

Optional extras

Demand Script Loading

Have a huge open-world or massively multiplayer game that you need to fit into memory? Perhaps your platform is a tiny mobile device and you must squeeze out every byte you can? Demand Script Loading is an optional add-on to Binary or Compilable Runtime that enables the load and unload of pre-compiled script binaries based on game progression or other criteria. See Demand Script Loading in the Docs for more info.

  Demand Script Loading
Price No longer supported
Platforms All Runtime platforms
Source Binary libraries for Binary Runtime; source for Compilable Runtime


Standard Support

Standard Support via the SkookumScript Forum is fabulous, and more importantly, free! If you have a problem and need help with something, post it to the Forum and we’ll respond surprisingly quickly. We look forward to helping you out.

Professional Support

SkookumScript experts are available to deal with unforeseen issues and help you get that title shipped. Whether you need initial guidance and instruction, custom features, help hooking up your game features, advice on problems and best practices, or to essentially add another team member to get that last 10 per cent done, we are ready to lend a hand.

SkookumScript Support Packages can also be used towards the development of SkookumScript features that will best help your team. This includes adding SkookumScript support for hardware, a new IDE feature that will dramatically improve your workflow, a must-have feature library, a new platform, or whatever else you need.

  Professional Support Package
Price Community only
# concurrent tickets 1
# named contacts 1
# hours included 5
# hours/week max 5

Premium Support

Expedited support for when you need things done yesterdayish.

  Premium Support Package
Price Community only
# concurrent tickets 2
# named contacts 2
# hours included 10
# hours/week max 10

Need more?
Contact us to tell us about any special needs your project may have. Thank you for your interest in SkookumScript!