Stand-alone SkookumDemo (no engine required)

This self-contained demo (for MS Windows 64-bit) does not require a game engine (such as Unreal Engine 4) or C++ compiler (such as MS Visual Studio). It shows off some simple-yet-powerful SkookumScript behaviours, and includes the SkookumIDE (SkookumScript Integrated Development Environment) and thousands of script commands you can experiment with. Have fun!

How to install

Download the Stand-alone SkookumDemo. Extract the archive to a drive location such as a root or your desktop, and it will create the SkookumDemo folder.

The Stand-alone SkookumDemo requires DirectX – get it here (you only need to download and install the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer). If you get any errors about missing .dll files then you probably need it.

Following extraction, run the demo by opening the SkookumDemo folder and double-clicking SkookumDemo.exe. Three windows will open: the SkookumIDE console, the SkookumIDE browser, and the SkookumDemo game.

Another false alarm…

The first time you run the Stand-alone SkookumDemo, your pesky firewall may block it. Simply give the demo permission to communicate on the network(s) you are using, and continue.

How to play

Use your mouse to orient the player camera. The W, A, S and D keys (or arrow keys) move the player, and the Spacebar makes the player jump. You can also control the player with a gamepad. Press Esc or Alt+F4 to close the game window and exit; double-click SkookumDemo.exe to run the game again.

Note: The demo game captures the mouse input while it is running. To switch the mouse to another application, press Alt+Tab. You must switch to the SkookumIDE to enter commands.

How to make your own game

The SkookumDemo game has one level map and a set of placed objects. You can do lots of demented SkookumScript experimentation with this game. If you want to make your own unique game, you will need a full world editor to craft it – we recommend you give the SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin a try. (Installation and setup instructions here.)