Free downloads

SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

Harness the superpowers of SkookumScript! This free, fully-featured plugin integrates deeply with Unreal Engine 4. Use the addictively useful SkookumIDE (SkookumScript Integrated Development Environment) as a powerful command console to immediately make cool things happen in any UE4 project (even if the project is not using SkookumScript for gameplay). Complements, extends and embeds with Blueprints and C++ or code your entire gameplay in SkookumScript. Requires Unreal Engine 4.

SkookumDemo (project for Unreal Engine)

Get a tantalizing taste of SkookumScript’s superpowers! The SkookumDemo project shows off some simple-yet-powerful SkookumScript behaviours and code you can experiment with. Includes a 3D test environment complete with explosions and robot characters that respond to your commands. Requires SkookumScript UE4 Plugin.

SkookumDemo (stand-alone version)

This self-contained demo (for MS Windows 64-bit) does not require a game engine (such as Unreal Engine 4) or C++ compiler (such as MS Visual Studio). It shows off some simple-yet-powerful SkookumScript behaviours, and includes the SkookumIDE (SkookumScript Integrated Development Environment) and thousands of script commands you can experiment with.

SkookumScript for other engines

If you aren’t an Unreal Engine user, fear not! The SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin contains source code examples, the SkookumScript C++ API and libraries necessary to integrate SkookumScript into just about anything – game engines, embedded systems, robots, real-time applications, and more. With medium-to-advanced C++ skills, you can use the SkookumScript API to integrate into just about any code base on almost any platform in just a few hours.

Download the SkookumScript UE4 Plugin C++ source code and precompiled SkookumScript API from GitHub using the same first three steps described for the Microsoft Visual Studio setup instructions. Requires C++ compiler.

If you are really serious about using SkookumScript for custom engines and other integrations, you may be interested in a SkookumScript Project License with full source Perforce access and other bells and whistles.