No fooling... SkookumIDE Professional $99 beta pricing extended

This beautiful April Fools morning, the mad computer scientists of Agog Labs were awakened from our sweet dreams of world domination by a keening horde of game developers attempting to dig through the five-kilometer-thick steel-reinforced concrete ceiling of our subterranean lab with their bare hands.

And why are they keening and digging so? Because they somehow failed to buy the incredible new SkookumIDE Pro at its special beta-release price of $99 before the March 31 deadline. Too late, they realize the error of their ways, and now they know that the true April fools are those who don’t buy the world-class products Agog Labs puts on sale in March. And now they are desperate to prostrate themselves before us and beg for relief.

Now, if we were truly evil mad scientists, we would be swilling bubbly out of our monogrammed Erlenmeyer flasks and chortling at your despair. But luckily for you, we are marginally good mad scientists, every bit as magnanimous as we are megalomaniacal. So we have graciously extended SkookumIDE Pro special beta-release pricing until an as-yet-unspecified point in the not-too-distant future!

Keen no more, bereft gamedev horde, and exuberate! Get your $99 SkookumIDE Pro licence now! That’s an impressive slightly-over-50-per-cent discount from its soon-to-be-regular retail price of $199! Buy soonish, because this special beta pricing won’t last forever….

The beauteous new SkookumIDE. Embrace it today!