Haro Ventures puts SkookumScript to the test

SkookumScript has had so much buzz lately, our neighbours are starting to wonder if we are actually a front for an illicit beekeeping ring. And that buzz has now put us on the radar of Haro Ventures, a Victoria B.C.-based investment fund that supports the growth of high-potential software companies.

Haro has taken particular interest in SkookumScript’s growing reputation for being much easier to learn than other programming languages, something even the B.C. Minister of Technology and Innovation has tweeted about:

Haro decided to put this claim to the test, and sent over a young associate with essentially no programming experience to see if SkookumScript is truly as easy to learn as we claim. And lo, it didn’t take long for our mad computer scientists to teach her how to make our demo robots do some of the things that video game robots typically do, such as run around, chase people, and explode.

Haro Ventures Associate Ania Wysocka learns how to use SkookumScript.

Suffice to say, SkookumScript passed the ease-of-learning test! Here are some of her conclusions:

While SkookumScript likely isn’t for complete newbies to IDEs and 3D world editors, one is able to pick up the general principles with relative ease. This makes me suspect that those working in a video game studio could totally own the experience, no matter what their role happens to be. Using a language that all team members can follow means each member doesn’t have to wait for the engineers to assist them in making small changes. This can result in enormous time and cost reductions.

Ania Wysocka Associate at Haro Ventures

She was also impressed by SkookumScript’s potential as a teaching language:

I can’t help but think of another unique aspect of SkookumScript beyond the realm of video games: its potential for academic use. Though I was only able to spend two hours in the SkookumIDE, it’s easy to imagine what a room full of enthused kids could do given free reign. Over the past few years coding literacy has become a priority in schools around the world. A language like SkookumScript… could prove an awesome and engaging learning tool.

Ania Wysocka Associate at Haro Ventures

Thanks for dropping by! For the full story of Ania’s visit to our mad computer science lab, see “Zero to coding hero? Putting SkookumScript to the test” on Medium. And if you’d like to take our demo robots for a spin yourself, download our SkookumDemo. Have fun!

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