Behold some beautifully screen-shot screenshots of the SkookumScript Integrated Development Environment (SkookumIDE). It has many time-saving features, and plays well with the command line, existing editors and IDEs. It is evolving rapidly.

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SkookumScript Class Browser
Behold the SkookumScript Class Browser, script source editor and debugger. You may also use any source editor of your choice (such as Notepad++) and easily integrate the SkookumScript compiler and other SkookumIDE actions with simple command-line calls.

Behold the class context menu in the class browser.

Behold the “Debug” menu for the class browser.

SkookumScript Console
The console for the SkookumIDE is split into a colour-coded output log (top) and a syntax-highlighted workspace window (bottom) for entering simple single or multi-line commands to be executed locally on the IDE or remotely on the game runtime (wherever the project is running, including PC, console, mobile device, and very intelligent refrigerator). This screenshot includes some arbitrary commands and their results.

Behold the “Compile” menu for the SkookumScript Console.

SkookumScript Script Editor
The “Compile + Debug” and context menu options for the script text editor used by both the class browser and the console.

The Navigation Menu (and its keyboard shortcuts) allow jumping to specific scripts or searching by script name, etc.

SkookumScript Settings
The SkookumScript class hierarchy settings screen is essentially a view of the “project settings” and used to specify the location of the script source flies. It enables a simple mechanism for shared code vs specific projects and simple plug-and-play of test script hierarchies.

Screenshots are not the whole story
You’ve just done an admirable amount of beholding, which is lovely, but you’ll get a much better feel for SkookumScript if you actually interact with it. So take SkookumScript for a test drive by downloading our standalone SkookumDemo game! And if you are still up for more beholding, behold some nifty demo videos of SkookumScript in action here.